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CHIP Child I.D. Card™

Carried by parents/guardians and caregivers at all times. The card contains a high resolution digital color photo, digitally scanned fingerprint and all of the information needed to be presented to law enforcement to aid in the rapid and safe recovery of a lost or missing child. This is the only identification card available that contains "all" of the information necessary to file a "missing person" report.

CHIP Refrigerator Magnet I.D. ™

A great gift for grandparents and/or relatives. It hangs on a refrigerator with attached magnet on the back. This I.D. contains a high resolution digital color photo & vital information to be used in case the child is lost, in an accident or other medical emergency when with a relative or friend.

CHIP Backpack/Student I.D. Card™

This card is to be kept on the child. It contains a color photo and vital information to be used if the child is in an accident, needs medical attention or is lost. For safety reasons, this I.D. card does not contain the child's address, and we recommend that it be kept concealed and not worn on the outside of clothing. This is the only identification card available that is designed specifically for a child to carry.

CHIP Disc™ The Digital I.D. Card

This is an auto-run Windows based CD that contains all the information on The Child I.D. Card and can be sent instantly via email to law enforcement agencies, relatives and the media should the child ever become lost or missing. This CD "CAN" be duplicated and distributed. The CD also allows the operator to print "unlimited amounts" of the 3 different types of CHIP Child I.D. Cards on an inkjet or laser printer. Lastly, a CHIP Safety Tips Poster™ and a CHIP Vital Data™ information sheet can also be printed and/or emailed when needed.

CHIP Band™ The "Next Generation" I.D. Bracelet

Adjustable to fit any child's wrist. This band is constructed of a soft, comfortable and durable material, with a Velcro® enclosure. On the inside of the bracelet is a "pocket" that contains a replaceable waterproof I.D. card. These identification cards can contain the child's name, allergies/illnesses, medical conditions and emergency contact phone numbers. A total of 4 I.D. cards are included and information can be written with a ball point or permanent marking pen. I.D. bands are great while visiting amusement parks and while traveling on vacation as you can add mobile phone numbers and hotel name to the card. You can purchase as many of these as needed for sibling children and to give away as gifts.

CHIP Keychain I.D. ™

This durable yet small immediate response I.D. card is conveniently designed to be kept with parents, guardians and any caregiver on their keychain. These I.D.'s are suitable for fathers or anybody who does not carry a wallet or purse. Cards contain a high resolution digital photo and all of the information needed to be presented to law enforcement to aid in the rapid and safe recovery of a lost or missing child

CHIP EZ Phone Card I.D. ™

This exciting multipurpose identification card can be used in an emergency to help locate the lost or missing child and also comes with built-in discounted international calling minutes. Each card contains a toll-free 800 call in number and pin code. These cards offer inexpensive calling across North America, Mexico, South America and Europe. A child carrying this card is able to pick-up any pay telephone and place a call to a parent or guardian without having to insert money into the phone.

CHIP Activity Book ™

This 16 page full color safety book is distributed "Free of Charge" to all children at all schools that participate in the CHIP The Child I.D. Program®. Children love the mazes, word find and CHIP Safety Quiz™. The booklet contains important instructions for the parent/guardian to follow should their child ever go lost or missing. Also distributed is a complimentary Home I.D. Portfolio that includes a place for all 10 fingerprints of a child, DNA collection (hair strands) and important medical and dental information to be recorded.